About us

Creating Happiness One Puppy at a Time

Who we Are

Viking Country Kennel is a family-built business and provides a family 
environment for our puppies.  This is a family venture for us since 2001. 
Our children play with the puppies daily and provide them with lots of 
cuddles, belly rubs, and lots of exercise running about our property!
We breed Keeshonds, Pomeranians, Poodles & Cocker Spaniels. 
We make sure they have current vaccinations, and their parents are OFA 
certified. We are USDA-approved. We offer shipping in all parts of the 

What We Do

At Viking Country Kennel, our family has been ethically raising healthy 
puppies according to the highest industry standards since 2001. We 
have a passion for raising healthy puppies and sending them to their 
new loving homes! We raise healthy puppies in accordance with USDA 
regulations and the highest industry standards. 
We expose them to different objects and elements to help them
transition. They are started on a leash training before they leave. We
would love to help continue this education as they grow. Don’t hesitate if
you have questions about their training to reach out to us. 
Parents are just as important as the pups. We care just as much about
their health as we do for the puppies! Mom and Dad enjoy a big play
yard every day along with toys and treats. They are health tested every
year and are OFA certified for knees and hearts. we have an attending
vet, Cumback Veterinary Service.



No sales on Sunday but if you choose leave a message for us, we will certainly get back to you on Monday.

Thank You.

Viking Country Kennel Affiliates and Licenses

We are active members of ICAW
(Indiana Council of Animal Welfare).

We are state licensed with BOAH (Board of Animal Health)

Federally Licensed with USDA

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