She is a very sweet girl and loves lots of attention.


This is Meggie she’s very friendly and outgoing.


This is T- Bone our keeshond male. He’s very frisky and full of life.


This is Janet, our Cocker Spaniel female , she is good humored with lots of energy.


This is Violet , our Pomeranian girl. She is fun-loving and full of life.

Billy Bo

This is Billy Bo, our Pomeranian boy. He is very bouncy and full of pep.



Latisha has a sweet and gentle personality and loves to be cuddled by her favorite humans here at VCK. She has one blue eye and lots of soft fluffy hair.


This is Laki she is adored for her gentle and quite personality. She loves her playtime and keeps us laughing with her darling sense of humor. We treasure every moment spent with her.


Meet Annie our sweet mamma ,with lots of curls ,and a sweet personality.


Romaria is full of energy always ready to share some time with us here at VKC .His hair coat is beautiful which he passes on to his babies. We love having him in our family and seeing his gorgeous babies arrive!


This is our Pomeranian Male Yustin,he is very outgoing ,pretty hair coat, always likes to have his hair brushed, and likes to have belly rubs.


This is Princess our Miniature Poodle mamma ,she is so outgoing and always ready to meet strangers, very unique hair coat and very playful.

Some of Our Puppy Parents

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